Monday, December 05, 2005

Starting Over in Cali

Ok, peeps I'm back! Yes, I am now living in California.

The days before leaving New York were ultra busy and by the time I got to the airport, I was ready to crash out. Not to happen with a supposed ex-navy seal sitting next to me. I say supposed because his stories were so grandiose and outlandish that you have to think that it's all bullshit. Some men are so needy for attention.

Anyway, once I arrived in Ontario, CA - I had been on the plane six hours and 30 minutes. I was exhausted, experiencing a strange phenomenon called "butt numbness" and occasional leg cramps.

JM was there with lots of hugs and kisses and his killer smile.

Yesterday morning I decided to invite JM out to breakfast at the neighborhood IHOP. We went and I was busy yapping and it wasn't only until I notice the man at the next table looking at me, that I was speaking very loud, my very obvious New York accent was on display and I was cursing like a sailor while telling JM about the tales the Navy Seal had shared with me. I had not realized in all that time that there were kids sitting at the table next to us and that they were hearing me curse. I caught myself and stopped with the cursing but you know, fuck it. I'm a New Yorker and I've gotta be me.

California is going to have to adjust to me not the other way around. :)