Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Do you have to have a big ego or be a bit of a narcissist to be a musician?

Do you have to mention how special you are in some of your songs? Of course not but if you listen to alot of the songs played on the radio, someone is busy tooting their own horn.

Btw, Mariah Carey you need to come up with some new poses. That whole video "Don't Forget about Us" is all about her posing in all her signature poses. Learn how to dance or work with someone in modeling. I probably know what the right side of her face looks like more than she does cause that's all we ever see.

I was reading LA Weekly and found it rather disturbing how many ads for cosmetic surgery were in there. I always read that California was the land of plastic surgery but it became real to me when I found no less than 10 pages of ad for plastic surgery in this weekly rag...

Sad. Very, very sad.