Sunday, December 11, 2005



In the darkness

The light is born anew.

In the silence

The call is heard aloud.

Let new life waken

Let dry husks crumble.

The end and the beginning are one.

Deepest night nourishes the seed of life

Waiting in the womb.

Patience breathes the rhythm that brings life.

Time stands still at the beginning

Poised, waiting for the moment's first sigh.

We stand on the threshold of now

The past behind, the future before.

We are awake, yet dreaming

Hovering in the moment's birth.

Let us be still and know

The treasure lies within our grasp

As long as we do not grasp it,

Ours, as long as we do not claim it.

As we are present in the precious moment

So we become the peace we seek.

Between sleeping and waking

We call out our dream

And the seed grows to become all that we are.

Blessed Be.

© Tasha Halpert