Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Moment to Share ....

I am all Paris Hilton-ed out! I have had enough of gossip about her to last me a life time. Every magazine you pick up, there she is. Turn on the Tv, there she is too. All my favorite blogs, dammit, there is she again. There is no escaping her. Not even on my blog. Can anyone tell me what EXACTLY Ms. Hilton has done that has merited her being so famous and at this point - overexposed? Inquiring minds would like to know.

If hackers are going to be getting into anyone's Sidekick, why not the president's sidekick. I'm sure Georgie boy has one too. He hides it in Condy's punani. I know you know that those two are getting down and dirty, right? Oh you didn't? Well, let me enlighten you... they're doing the nasty.

But enough gossip! For today that is...

Went to see " Diary of a Mad Black Woman" - very, very funny! Check it out if you are in the mood to laugh your bum off..

And now its time!

Enjoy your evening everybody!