Friday, February 25, 2005

Finally Friday

Good Morning all!

I cannot tell you how much work I have to get done today. I will not be leaving the office today until ALL of it is completed. When did I become a workaholic? Working late nights and even considering going in on the weekend? It's just not healthy.

Thought of The Day: Facing Your Fears
Before you can become a light-bearer, you must walk through your own darkness. The bearer of the light does not deny the darkness, but walks through it.

When there is nothing about yourself or anyone else that you are afraid to look at, the darkness has no more hold over you. Then you can walk through the darkness and be the light.

Where does light come from? It comes from you. Once you stop playing the victim and face your fears, the atmosphere that surrounds you brightens. In your blessing of yourself, the entire world is forgiven.